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We have workforce development solutions to serve a variety of needs for sales and sales engineering teams. Explore the highlighted use cases or view a more comprehensive list by clicking the button below.

Unassisted Sales

Reduce dependency on technical personnel in sales process.

Technical Expertise

Increase understanding of the technical implications of product design.

use case: unassisted sales

Reduce dependency on SMEs and technical personnel in the sales process.

One of the greatest pain points of sales leaders we work with is the dependence on technical staff in sales calls. Coordinating with multiple external plus internal stakeholders can significantly lengthen the sales cycle. CyberVista’s training solution makes it easy to master the foundations of cybersecurity and boost expertise to lead conversations with confidence.

  • Decrease sales cycle length
  • Minimize demand for more technical hires
  • Scalable
  • Configurable
use case: technical expertise

Increase understanding of the technical implications of product design.

For complex technology or cybersecurity products, sales reps and engineers need to have a certain level of technical expertise to connect the dots between product design and user benefits. CyberVista’s extensive training portfolio can help increase understanding of the greater cybersecurity market to more targeted practices such as security operations.

  • Gain greater trust from security leaders
  • Be in tune with industry news and trends
  • Individualized training
  • Promotes well-balanced knowledge base

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use case: competitve advantage

Set the standard in the market for offerings, service, and expertise.

In an increasingly competitive market, technology and cybersecurity companies need more than just a great product to get ahead. CyberVista’s tailored cybersecurity training can help increase situational understanding of prospects and technical expertise to help your sales team be seen as trusted cybersecurity advisors.

  • Effectively sell or upsell new products
  • Build the cross-disciplinary skills for long-term performance
  • Increase productivity
  • Elevate team’s overall skills baseline
use case: optimize onboarding

Streamline the training process to effectively upskill new hires.

Due to the complex nature of technical sales roles, it can be difficult to execute onboarding successfully. CyberVista’s methodology enables us to work with organizations to align training and onboarding initiatives to overarching business objectives. We can assess new hires’ current competencies and intelligently align training to get your workforce to where it needs to be.

  • Generate accurate KSATs
  • Minimize redundancies
  • Improve career mobility
  • Enhance workforce performance
use case: cyber-enabled

Your organization needs to increase the cybersecurity skills of non-cybersecurity personnel.

We work with dozens of major enterprise organizations in similar situations and we know that cybersecurity responsibilities aren’t only performed out of the Security Operations Center. We offer training solutions designed specifically for cyber-enabled roles across areas of IT, HR, GRC, and other departments along with training for leaders focused on cyber risk. We can work with you to configure a solution for specific roles and needs more efficiently and effectly than other training providers.

  • Role-based approach
  • Reduce cyber risk
  • Increase departmental efficacy
  • Elevate overall security posture
use case: employee engagement

Your organization needs to increase usage and engagement of cyber training initiatives.

We know that there it is extremely frustrating as a training leader to invest in training that completely under-utilized. We have designed our courses to maximize engagement both in the delivery model (with preference to Live Online) and in content. Similarly, we provide active reporting to stakeholders to ensure that team members are actively participating throughout a training deployment.

  • Increased transparency
  • Adds training accountability
  • Improved training budget ROI
  • Strengthens weak links
case studies

Designed for the Individual.
Configured to the Organization.

CyberVista solutions are built around data, efficiency, and practicality. Whatever your goals are, we can configure a solution for you.

Role & Skill Mapping of 400+ Workforce for Fortune 100 Tech Company

CyberVista training for Palo Alto Networks

Upskilling 200+ System Engineers for Palo Alto Networks

“CyberVista has been an excellent education partner. In this case, the term ‘partner’ is meaningful and not an alternative for ‘vendor.’”

Chris Bridge, Palo Alto Networks


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